Medicare Supplements

All plans for Medicare supplements offer the exact same coverage no matter what company the plan is purchased through. For example, Medicare Plan G from Company A provides exactly the same coverage as Plan G from Company Z. The rates, on the other hand, do vary widely from company to company.

This is where our Medicare specialists can help. We help you compare Medicare supplement plans and premiums from a variety of companies. Our goals are to:

  • Identify the best Medicare supplement plan for the coverage you want and
  • Find the best rate for that plan.

Taking action is the first step, and with our guidance, the journey to finding the best possible plan is easier than you may think. Contact us to learn more, or read on to review a few frequently asked Medicare questions.

Medicare FAQ

Once I sign up, how often do I need to review my Medicare supplement plan?

Premiums and coverage needs do change. It is important to review your plan each year with your Medicare specialist to ensure you’re still getting the right coverage at the best rate.

Can I make changes to my Medicare plan at anytime?

Those wanting to switch Medicare Advantage plans or Part D drug plans can only do so during the open enrollment period that runs October 15 through December 7 of each year. Changes can be made to other Medicare supplemental insurance anytime throughout the year.

Am I guaranteed coverage when signing up for Medicare plans?

Eligible individuals turning 65 can take advantage of a 6-month open enrollment period for Medicare Part A and Part B. If you sign up during this period, you cannot be turned down for coverage for any reason. If you are not in an open enrollment or guarantee issue period, medical underwriting will be necessary to determine coverages for which you will qualify.

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