Health Insurance

Illnesses and injuries can take a big toll on you and your family. Not to mention the costs from these common occurrences can threaten your peace of mind and your financial security.

We offer a variety of health insurance plans from a network of providers including individual health, dental, vision and hearing plans. Our experienced agents will craft health insurance coverage to reach your family’s goals. This will allow you to gain protection against possible financial loss resulting from major health events like:

  • Accidents
  • Hospitalization
  • Minor surgery
  • Major surgery
  • Severe illness

You may have questions about health insurance, and that’s okay. We have answers to these and many other questions:

  • Is my current primary care physician on the list of approved network providers?
  • Are the network providers from the policy located close to my home or work?
  • Do I get a discount if I am in good health?
  • How do I file a claim?

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